Does my student need their own email address to take the course?

No, however, the system requires a  unique email address for each user. This does not mean your student needs to have access to an email account if you are not comfortable with them having one. If your son or your daughter doesn’t have an email address, you have a few options. 

  1. You can create a new email address for your student or yourself.
  2. If you, the parent, have a second email address that’s different from the one you used to sign your student up, you may use that email address.
  3. You can use a qualifier on your own email address — our system will recognize it as unique, but all emails will still be sent to you. This does not work with all email addresses, but will with Gmail email addresses. To do this, you would put a + sign after the first part of your email address, then a word like your student's name after the plus sign followed by the @ sign. For example:

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