How do I figure out my student’s overall grade for Experience Biology (Level C)?

As this is a course for homeschoolers, parents or guardians are ultimately responsible for giving students their grades. Here are our suggestions for tabulating a final grade.

Step 1: Average your student’s quiz grades. You can easily find these on in the parent dashboard on the "Student Management" page. Quizzes were taken for all of the lessons except, 10, 18, 27, and 35.

Step 2: Average your student’s quarterly exam grades. Again, go to the parent dashboard and look on the "Student Management" page. Look for the grades on lessons 10, 18, 27, and 35. Average these grades.

Step 3: Assign a grade for your student’s research questions. For each question, we recommend assigning a grade between 0-3. Give your student 3 points if the answer looks accurate, 2 points if the work lacks important details, 1 point if it looks largely inaccurate, and 0 points if the work was incomplete or was hastily completed. Calculate the percentage.

Step 4: Assign a grade for your student’s Laboratory Assignments. Be sure to see the grading rubric in the curriculum guide. Each laboratory report assignment is worth 100 points. Students should have completed at least 15 of the lab assignments. Average these grades.

Step 5: Average all four grades for a final grade. Take the average of the quiz grades, exam grades, research questions, and laboratory assignments to compute a final grade for the whole course.

Unless your state or region has specific guidelines, the Experience Biology can be counted as 1 honors-level high school lab science credit.

Keep in mind: this is just a recommendation for how to grade your student’s work that gives weight to each exercise of the course.

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