I can’t access the next lesson. What’s going on?

If you’re in one of our upper level courses and the next lesson isn’t showing up, this could be the result of one of a few things: 

  1. If you just finished the previous lesson, you may be waiting on the system to recognize the changes and grant you access to the next lesson. Often, students receive access to the next lesson in just a few minutes, but sometimes the technology can take up to a couple of hours. In order to refresh the system, log out of your account and then log back in. Merely refreshing the page will not refresh the system. As long as there is not an actual technical issue and all the checkboxes are marked off, this should make the next lesson visible for you.
  2. Are all the checkboxes marked off? If one is still unmarked, you will not receive your next lesson. All checkboxes must be marked off for the system to recognize the lesson is complete.
  3. If you’re in Experience Astronomy (Level B or C) you will only receive 1 lesson per week unless you are behind. New lessons are released each Sunday. 

If you’re still having trouble, be sure to contact us. Sometimes there’s a technology hiccup, but we’re always happy to help make sure you have access to your next lesson!

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